MEDAS – Absolute security and intelligent management with System Administration

MEDAS System Administration includes various mechanisms that guarantee maximum protection of your sensitive data and information from unauthorised access. By using intelligent technologies such as SmartCard authentication, MEDAS exceeds current security standards and automatically reduces all risks from internal and external threats and sources of error.


The MEDAS "System Administration" module includes an LDAP connection for password synchronisation with the Active Directory as well as internal account management. System Administration controls the management of all function and client permissions, and sets password rules such as "expiration time", "minimum length" or "permissible number of wrong entries" using internal account management. At the same time there is direct access to "System Logs", "Action Logs" and "Event Logs". This means that all group and user accounts are administered rapidly and with total security. Printer monitoring with an enabling function prevents accidental printing on unauthorised network printers, and ensures that only the intended recipients receive print-outs.


The rights of each user are closely defined with our proprietary System Administration and its hierarchical permissions system. This specifies clearly who can perform which functions, and which data they can access. The function permissions are bundled into granular roles; a role incorporates over 60 individual permissions.