MEDAS – Smart device control without media discontinuity

MEDAS makes it possible to integrate all current medical devices into the system, including apparatus for audiometry, blood pressure measurement, ECG/stress testing, visual field measurement, vision tests, spirometry, night vision and psychological testing. Results and summaries of data from these devices can be stored securely.


MEDAS device control comprises a list with all the technical investigations that are specified in analysis requests. This list can be filtered for different device groups, such as ECG, vision, noise etc., depending on the device that is connected.


MEDAS sends the patient's basic data with the analysis request to the appropriate linked device. The device's software automatically runs the requested test. Results and findings are saved as a PDF file by the control software of the test apparatus.

A GDT interface supports import of the PDF files generated automatically by many medical devices. The PDF is displayed by an internal viewer; this is an alternative way of viewing the data without needing to install the medical device's control software.