MEDAS – Intelligent software for optimum performance

M&N DVI GmbH has dominated the field of occupational health with its innovative software solutions. This tradition will be continued in the long term with the new and powerful MEDAS software. MEDAS is a smart, user-oriented development of MatrixMedical, which was considered a milestone in the field of occupational health for many years. MEDAS is a rigorous development of MatrixMedical, and will set new standards for software in the field of occupational health.

Development of MEDAS had four basic objectives: optimum ease of use, maximum performance, the best possible data protection and maximum data security. These are precisely the characteristics that distinguish MEDAS from other software solutions.


MEDAS is available in various language versions. The software incorporates different program modules that are systematically matched to each other and support each other with processing – making it quick, clear and simple for the operator to use. Another feature of MEDAS is that numbers of users and patients are not restricted. This makes MEDAS the ideal software for occupational health, even in large organisations with the highest standards.

MEDAS has outstanding performance and is designed specifically to satisfy the requirements of occupational health in organisations and hospitals. MEDAS has already successfully demonstrated its excellent performance in what is currently its largest installation, with about 250 users and more than 500,000 patient records. 

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